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Nerd Haiku's Journal

13th October, 2005. 10:58 pm. n00b.(__suchaliar)

i am supposedly a nerd. i guess we'll see...

my brain will implode
with one more question about
complex factoring

[but i thought nerds were good at math? ah well...]

Current mood: tired.

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25th August, 2005. 10:43 am. Terms of Employment(lamb_ling)

SOAs and ESBs
all matter to me.

Because it's my job
to edit a magazine
mailed to IT pros.

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20th February, 2005. 11:35 pm. New Member!(phour)


Light fades in fades out
A soft glow lighting my desk
My Apple's cute snore

Am a n00b here and thought I'd post a Haiku I wrote a while ago. How I love my powerbook.

Current mood: artistic.

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2nd October, 2004. 5:10 pm. n00b(lifesamaze)

Being home fulfills
some inadequacy in
this humanity.

Hi! I am new. This is the best idea for a community!

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2nd October, 2004. 4:56 pm.(somedaytokyo)

a sweet thing it is
to find poetry written
solely by teh nerds

i pwn all of j00
you cannot escape my mad
ninja haiku skillz

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28th August, 2004. 10:17 pm. Hi!(jaddes_green)

Hello. I am a Nerd. I like to wright Haiku. Thats why I joined! Heres a few of my better ones.

Good plans go awful.
Everything can go messed up
When a girl's involved.

That one was kinda mean but I was angry...

Scanning three pizza's
The fool brings up four instead.
Not worth arguing.

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13th June, 2004. 9:09 pm.(spreckenstein)

my friend wrote these lamenting his loss of adsl because his modem died...

modem gone away
have to live with dial-up now
makes me want to die

long wait for pages to load
oh yes it's dial-up

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13th January, 2004. 1:05 pm.(ne_buddy)

a bad espresso
tastes worse than bad wine
but better than average beer

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6th October, 2002. 8:03 am.(keighteliza)

Eight in the morning
I forgot to go to sleep
My Sims aren't tired


Chicago is dull
Seems I have no friends here
Cable modem saves


Laptop searing flesh
hewlett-packard wants me dead
Or cooked, at the least.

Current mood: tired.

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19th March, 2002. 10:35 pm.(left_fielder)

I've got to try it:
Six words in five syllables!
But--can it be done?

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